Plug-in is a community of driven women supporting each other with tools and resources to build a successful work life in Ghana.

Our Story

Early in 2018, a routine catch up call amongst our founders morphed into musings about the future of young women in Ghana; many of whom have great ambitions but little guidance. This realization propelled the cofounders to find a solution, thus, Plug-in was born!

Our Mission

To empower young women by providing mutually beneficial mentoring relationships, creating networking opportunities between women, and providing resources to help build valuable skills.

Our Program


Our mentoring program, Senpai-Kohai, matches an aspiring female professional (Kohai) with an accomplished woman (Senpai). Within the program, there is a transfer of experience between parties, as well as relationship building.


Link-up is a recurring event intended to encourage viable connections between women. Our events provide a safe and nurturing environment for our community to fully realize all the benefits of networking and collaboration.


We provide monthly resources based on the themes set to spark meaningful dialogue during mentoring sessions. The Plug-of-the-month covers a variety of insightful topics and highlights the stories of other women in order to inspire action.

Sounds interesting? Tell us more about yourself and we’ll let you know how you can get involved with Plug-in!

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